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Final year student project

Warpath is a seven team size project I worked on all year long at Supinfogame, for my final year in Game Design & Management. I am the Lead Game Designer on this project.

Quick overview

Warpath is a real-time strategy game targeting e-sport fans and focused on micro-management. Warpath aims at emphasize tactical decisions over used strategies. The game takes place on a sea of clouds moving at the wind’s mercy, for fast-paced and one-shot games.

Inspired by Native American myths, a game of Warpath brings players into a race for getting the Great Manitous’ favours. They are divinities taking sides in the battle by altering the sea of clouds.


In every single competitive real-time strategy game, players find ways that supposedly guarantee victory, based on their knowledge of the map, the army composition and the proceedings of a game itself. They learn and repeat those strategies from a game to another. The best players only distinguish themselves because they can anticipate what way their opponent might use and perfectly apply the according way in response.

This phenomenon drives the players to restrict their decision making. Players should be distinguished because they adapt themselves to totally unexpected situations.

Our answer is to offer a game experience focused on tactical decisions. Our main lead to do so is to provide a moving battlefield, changing throughout the game, in order to provoke player answers at different times. Our postulate is simple: if none of our games are designed the same, there is no way to plan it.

My work as the Lead Game Designer

Game Design

Economic & Combat system, Design of Units, Balancing, World features (weather)

Ergonomic design

User interface, Controls, Tutorials, Launcher


Lore, Trailer & Presentations