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HEllo, I'm
Gwenaëlle Wozniak.

Game Designer & Producer


Proactive and eclectic

My professional experiences gave me the opportunity to fit in different team sizes and objectives, adapting to their production processes. I’m able to meet deadlines and I’m really committed to my work. I like to learn new skills and I am not afraid of challenges when unexpected tasks are coming on top of the desk.

Familles Rurales

Communication Manager

sept 2017, volunteer service
Fédération Familles Rurales de l’Hérault (Montpellier, FRANCE) is a non-profit organization and a national French movement providing multiple services to families in rural territories: nurseries, access to legal services and justice accommodations, continuous training, senior activities.

As a volunteer in service, I’m helping to create and execute a communication plan aiming to develop the South local branch.

  • Benchmark
  • Communication plan: guidelines, editorial calendar, database and newsletter set up
  • Major website, flyers and various documents update according to a new graphic identity
  • Community management on social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Organization of a one-day event for former volunteers, expecting 80+ guests

Féérik Games


jan 2017 - may 2017
Féérik Games (Montpellier, FRANCE) is specialized in free-to-play games. The studio focuses on both online and mobile games with titles like Eredan Arena or Eredan iTCG. Since the company’s acquisition one year ago by Frédéric Markus, Féérik Games is creating new titles.

Responsible of production for BAClash, OhMyDollz, Eredan Arena, Eredan iTCG and an unannounced title, which represents about 30 employees, outsourcers and community leaders.

  • Set up of Open Project, a management tool to plan agile projects on soft launch and live operations
  • Guidelines & processes to design UI, quests, patchnotes and track bugs more efficiently
  • Production pipelines for OhMyDollz, Eredan Arena and Eredan iTCG releases
  • Backlog & sprints for an upcoming title
  • Schedules, follow up on tasks and priorities, meetings organization
  • Communication with external outsourcers, weekly reports
  • Indexing, classification and uniformization of the entire documentation, new permission system

Féérik Games

Game Designer

jan 2016 - jan 2017
Féérik Games (Montpellier, FRANCE) is specialized in free-to-play games. The studio focuses on both online and mobile games with titles like Eredan Arena or Eredan iTCG. Since the company’s acquisition one year ago by Frédéric Markus, Féérik Games is creating new titles.

Following production of BAClash, launched on May, 11th on Android.

In addition to my internship tasks:

  • Content design: items, runes, spells
  • UI: design of menus and in-game interfaces
  • Free-to-play monetization and player progression
  • Music guidelines and contact point for the composer
  • In-game texts and guides

Féérik Games

Game Designer

2015, 5 months internship
Féérik Games (Montpellier, FRANCE) is specialized in free-to-play games. The studio focuses on both online and mobile games with titles like Eredan Arena or Eredan iTCG. Since the company’s acquisition one year ago by Frédéric Markus, Féérik Games is creating new titles.

Working on BAClash, a MOBA game designed for mobile platforms.

  • Game genre and audience analysis
  • High concept
  • Feature documents & lists
  • Systems design: heroes, abilities, resources, items, map elements and so on
  • Assets & Feedbacks lists
  • Level Design in Unity
  • Tests, tweak and balance on prototype, via Microsoft Excel simulations
  • Pre-production roadmap
  • Playtests protocols & sessions
Succubus Interactive

Game Designer

2014, 4 months internship
Succubus Interactive (Nantes, FRANCE) is a company specialized in serious game that developed many games for public services and companies, like Cornak and Happy night
  • Responsible of storytelling for a gamebook comic including researches, background story, decision trees, dialogs, flash integration with a homemade tool
  • 3D-Isometric Level design on Cardinal Objective, a simulation game taking place in a city
  • Test & Debug on those games
  • Several other production documents including game concepts and how to play document.
Strasbourg Town Council

Event assistant

2012, 1 month fixed-term
“Stras en scène” is an event organized by Strasbourg town council every year for a young audience, with a simple message : “Zero alcohol”. “Stras en scène” schedule outdoors urban activities, concerts and shows for one day and evening.
  • Contact point for the artists of young talents scene
  • Responsible for the online communication on social networks & forums
  • Responsible for the signage : worked with graphists, reprography office, suppliers
  • Assisted the team manager in several tasks


A systemic approach of storytelling

My education choices are driven by my inclination to storytelling.

I began with a high school diploma in economic and social sciences to have a better understanding of the world and being capable of establish simple models. This is useful when it comes to create a systemic game experience.

I then pursued by studying cinematography at Strasbourg University to learn both theory and practice. All technics learned around camera movements, composition, stage and so on are reusable when it comes to 3C or compelling experiences. I also acquired social skills by working in teams and sharing the same vision.

Finally, I end up at Supinfogame to study game design, my final objective. Those three years at school taught me to formalize my documentation and prepared me for professionalization with several team projects. I’m able to follow a production from start to end, from high-level documents to small iterations around balancing and tweaking.

Supinfogame Rubika

Game Design Degree

2012 - 2015
Section Game Design & Management

Classes in Game & Level Design, Game history & culture, Interactive story-telling, Management, Ergonomy, Serious gaming, Unity 3D, UDK

Projects with Gameloft, 3DDuo, Ed. Dupuis

Strasbourg University

Performing Arts

2009 - 2012
Bac + 2 specialized in Cinema

Classes in Film history & analyse, Editing, Storytelling, Filming technics, Documentary

Theory and Practice as Director, Writer, Editor

Several projects and shorts films : « L’Atonie », « Le Vif d’or »

René Descartes

Eco & Social Sciences

High school diploma in Economic & Social Sciences with honors


Game Design skills

I separate my qualifications in Game Design in several fields from the early stage of a production to the post-production process.


Game concept, Feature Documents, Behavior Document, Feedbacks & Asset List


Html, Css 3, As 3


Screenflow, Screen structures, testing protocols


Metrics analysis, learning curve and other tools


Microsoft Office : Word, Excel, Visio, Powerpoint, Project
Adobe Suite : Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Premiere, After Effects
Unity 5
Unreal Engine

Other qualifications

I do understand that game designers needs to be versatile, both in strong and small teams. These are my side skills, helping with a better communication and keeping me useful no matter what are the production challenges.


  • Waterfall & Scrum
  • Free-to-play monetization
  • Marketing Bible
  • Advanced with Microsoft Project


  • Writing skills : synopsis, script
  • Advanced with Adobe Premiere
  • Proficient with Avid MC


  • Layouts 2D
  • Level Building
  • 3dsMax notions
  • Proficient with Sketch Up


  • MAO, Recording & Editing
  • Advanced with LMMS
  • Advanced with Adobe Audition



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If you have any further information request, I’ll be glad to hear from you. I’m always available to share our common passion of video games and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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